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Your baby is starting to walk gingerly and is keen to explore the home on his/her own.

You only have 2 choices follow your baby all around the house or carry your baby and bear the brunt of their cries. With Shell Baby Room, you have a 3rd choice set up baby room, lay a baby folder mat, put your baby’s favourite toys in there and leave your baby inside the baby room to play. A win-win scenario for you and your kids!

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  1. Safe sleeping – It can be used not only as a safeguard  but also for safe sleeping for crawling babies.
  2. Design – You can make space for your baby.
  3. Easy installation – Easy to disassemble and install due to light weight.
  4. Transformer Baby Room – It can be deformed according to the space, so it can be used as a space for sleeping baby and a play space fence.


  1. Mint 2pcs + Non slip protector 4pcs
  2. White 2pcs + Non slip protector 4pcs
  3. Gray 2pcs + Non slip protector 4pcs
  4. Pink 2pcs + Non slip protector 4pcs

Additional information

Weight 18400 g
Dimensions 940 × 670 × 370 mm

Pink, Gray, White, Mint