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MESASILLA Kitchen cart


This versatile organiser fits into most, if not all, areas of your home.
The wheels allow the organiser to be moved easily throughout the house and the slide up doors have a latch that can help prevent little fingers from accessing the organiser.





Create a “mobile” small picture book library,Can be painted, can be stored in large quantities, can be used in one cabinet
A cabinet for multiple purposes, suitable for a limited living space in modern people.
Designed according to the height of children from 1 year and a half to 3 years old, it is in line with the height of children’s vision.
More likely to trigger the child’s desire to take and return
Guide children to take (select) favorite books and inspire interest in reading
Fit the wheels for easy movement, clean and clean at home, and position as you like

feature of product
Picture book of moving castle
Extended indoor reading angle
Learning space is not limited
Storage space should not be underestimated
100~200 picture book storage
The bottom storage box is possible to carry

Product specifications
Material: Main body – pine, white panel – rubber wood
Size: height 96cm X width 54cm X depth 45cm
Origin / manufacturing methods
Place of origin Vietnam

Additional information

Weight 1500 g